360° photography gives shoppers what they want

 360 Sphere.Biz

Top 10 reasons why spherical business pictures give shoppers what they want:
  1. Today’s consumers are looking for a visually stimulating and interactive shopping experience. A simple image does not entice shoppers to complete a purchase. Their online shopping experience should emulate the engagement of their in-­‐store experience. 360° & 3D product photography is the most effective way to give savvy shoppers what they want.
  2. Creating an in-store experience leads to purchase confidence and higher online conversions.
  3. Increased confidence reduces calls.
  4. Increased engagement leads to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  5. A 360° spin of a product or service is the visual feature that will most likely increase their likelihood of purchasing via a mobile device.
  6. Companies with spin are viewed as a UX leader.  High-level marketers know that by looking inward to examine their own behaviors.
  7. Grab customers attention on with engaging visuals.  Nearly 2/3 of all customers begin their buying process online. 
  8. Embed 360° in your online marketing.  2/3 of all customers begin their shopping online and 3D in mobile devices to enhance the customer experience.
  9. Video spins create an emotional tie and improve the brand.
  10. As technologies continue to evolve, so do most marketing strategies. The concept is simple: information, especially visual information, is the most powerful tool you can use to empower your customers.

More at http://www.360sphere.biz/p/google-street-view.html

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