Sphere Image of the AAA & ACC Teams

Google Photos - Marc Czarnecki Web Tech Czar 360sphere picture

With unbelievably warm smiles, the Land of Sky Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and the Buncombe Aging Coordinating Consortium (ACC) was introduced to the Meet the Geek’s UnITeWNC.io Silver-to-Gold initiative by Marc Czarnecki on June 22, 2017.

Technology comes in many forms, including photography and the UnITeWNC.io objective is to apply technology for informed, culturally competent, and comprehensive services to elders,
from silvers.

We can engage the expertise of our WNC 50+ demographic in educational and mentoring efforts, think tanks, and other areas where their experience and wisdom will contribute.

Many thanks for their leadership on aging in Western North Carolina.

Learn more about Google Street View Photography.


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