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Savor the Asheville Mornings

Do your customers savor the aesthetics of your business surrounding?
Engage your customers further with a 360 degree picture on Google Search and Google Maps.

Email Marc - Web Tech Czar to get your business photography on Google Maps and Google Search.  
Marc is also an Asheville Google Local Guide and an Asheville Google Official City Partner with Google and Asheville SCORE.

Is Your Business Found in Downtown Asheville?

Google Search and Google Maps provide outstanding search tools for your business.

Are you listed on Google Search and Google Maps in Downtown Asheville NC?

Having an business profile with current photos, videos, panos, and spherical 360-degree photography adds to the visual appeal when an individual finds your Asheville business.

Allow customers to see inside your business with virtual tours, 360-degree photography of your business for engaging spherical photography content.

Need help?  Contact or call 828-367-7570 for help getting current images on your business profile.

Colors of Canoes and Carolina Blue Skies

December brings the season of holiday colors; reds, greens, and Carolina blue skies. 

Keep your customers informed of new products, colors, styles with business posts that include photography and videos.

Need photography help? 

In Western North Carolina and the Asheville Metro area, contact or 828-367-7570.

Capture Perspectives of Your Business

A business, non-profit, or a church has assets of people, community, and buildings.  
Share the architecture photography and perspectives on Google Search and Google Maps.

The 360-degree image on Google Search and Google Maps.  Provide virtual tours with several 360-degree spherical pictures.

Contact Marc today to learn more at or 828-367-7570.

Join Me, Have A Seat, Let's Talk

Yes, Perspectives Matter Please join me. 

Have a seat. 

Let's discuss your online marketing. 

As a Google Official City Partner for Asheville and a top Google Local Guide, I'll help you see new perspectives and inform you of local educational opportunities.
Contact Me Today or call 828-367-7579

Lights, Architectural Curves Make An Outstanding Lifelong Learn Institute

Lifelong learning is full of curves and lights of new perspectives.

Find the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) local guide photographs on Google Search and Google Maps.  
Note how 360-degree photographs are more engaging and provide the user's ability to completely see the surroundings. 

Boxed Your Customer?

Please don't box your traditional customers. 

Give them new photography and video perspectives on your business.

Let them find the UNCA Highsmith Student Union Post Office on Google Maps and Google Search.
Learn more from Web Tech Czar by contact Marc at 828-367-7570 or

Engage with the Views at West Asheville Park - Gassaway Field

From the trees to the sidewalks to the sky.  360-degree photography engages mobile and desktop viewers!

Even better, be found and show engaging photography on Google Maps and Google Search.

Please email to learn more.

UNCA's Gazebo - 360 Degree Style

University of North Carolina (UNCA) have a selection of many outstanding locations as respites from their studies.

Do your customers see a 360 degree perspective and a virtual tour of your business style?

Contact Marc at 828-367-7570 or to learn more about engaging your customers with GYBO photography and videos.

Importance of Google Virtual Tours for your Business

Trusted Photography As consumers, we navigate the internet to prepare for a purchase. 

We look for trusted photography of a location in Google search and Google maps. 

Additionally, we want to engage with a virtual tour of the inside of a business.

24-7-52 Visibility An indoor street view of your business is a 24-7-52 salesperson.  It provides cost-effective visibility and confidence to prepare for the purchase. Business Search Listing Google is synonymous with search and your GYBO business listing can be one of the first views. 

Additionally, when searching for businesses, consumers use a map website app 33% of the time and
Google maps are part of your GYBO listing. 

Act Today Marc is an experienced small business mentor and photographer.  
Get Your Business Online (GYBO) with Google.
Contact Marc to discuss getting a current business virtual tour into Google today.
(828) 367-7570 

Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night 360, An Immersive Experience

Immerse yourself with a 360-degree video and The Starry Night perspective at IArt's Facebook page.

Engage with Uptown Charlotte NC Street Event

Flatten a 360 picture and you see one perspective.
And further engage with the environment with a 360-degree photograph.

And even better, make it a virtual tour, street view style.  

Savor the Liquid Sights

View your business from different perspectives.

More importantly, provide engaging 360-degree views of your business's assets.

Call Marc at 828-367-7570 or email to plan the 360-degree business view virtual tour of your business.

Life Reimagined with the Real Possiblities of Art Creativity

Reimagine life and art in 1925.

Flash forward, engage with 360 photography and the many real possibilities of engaging at every age with Older American's Month #oam18.

A Pavilion of Opportunity

Shelby, NC can be very proud of their new City Pavilion, commonly used for farmer's markets and other community events.

Want to visit?  Use Google Maps to navigate to the Foothills Farmers Market.

Want to see more details?  See the 360-degree virtual tour images.

Want to stay cool there?  Note the 'Big Ass' fans.

Real TEK Possibilities with the Domains of Livability

Do you know the 8 domains of livability?

Domain 1: Outdoor Spaces and BuildingsDomain 2: TransportationDomain 3: HousingDomain 4: Social ParticipationDomain 5: Respect and Social InclusionDomain 6: Civic Participation and EmploymentDomain 7: Communication and InformationDomain 8: Community and Health Services We can be proud the YMCA is engaged with several of these domains.  
With AARP, All About Real Possibilities, Web Tech Marc Czarnecki is providing communication and information spheres of education and knowledge through area YMCAs.  

Support your YMCA and AARP today.  Technology Education Knowledge (TEK) opportunities are here.
#oam18 - Older American's Month, May 2018 - Engage at Every Age

Get Your Spin of Spring at the NC Arboretum


Command Your Business Stage

When you step-up to the business stage, you'll need to leverage all of your marketing assets, including photography of your business.

However, lenses of a flat picture may not effectively show the breadth to your audience. 

Contact to schedule your virtual tour photo-shoot.

Your customers will be extra happy to experience your business before their visit!

Otway Burns in Burnsville NC

The center of Burnsville Town Square; the statue of Otway.

Click on the image or visit the link below to see the 360-degree view.

Are your customers seeing the complete view of your brick-and-mortar location?

Email Marc today at to schedule your virtual tour for Google Search, Google Maps, and your Google Photos business information card.

Can your business benefit from a 'pup-view?'


Perspectives of Photography

Make impressions of your business with photography.

Photographs can provide paths of which your customer will follow.

Schedule your 360-degree virtual tour photo-shoot with today to provide a path for your customer to find your business online on Google Maps and Google Search.  The virtual tour is your 24-7-52 that allows customers to see the inside of your business.

Also, please, click on the image to see this 360-degree image on Google.

BBB - Beauty of Business Buildings

A brick and mortar business has a major investment in their building. 

Do you showcase your building with a virtual tour into the doors?

Contact today to schedule your 360-degree virtual tour.

Commanding the Business Bridge

As a business person, you command the marketable direction of your customers.

Your customers plan, search, and navigate with their smartphone.

Are you bridging the view of business with a current 360-degree image and virtual tour?

Contact Marc today at or call 828-367-7570 to schedule your business photo-shoot today.

See The Pipes Of Our Ethnic WNC Groups

The Lake Junaluska Conference And Retreat Center showcases organ pipes wrapped in a variety of ethnic fabrics.  They represent the ethnic groups most present in Western North Carolina.

As the spring-summer tourist season quickly approaches, is your business ready to be found on Google Maps and Google Search?  Is there current photography to help your customers navigate your location?

Contact or call 828-367-7570 to learn more.

Bob's Burgers Rock Solid Business Plan

Traveling to a town you've never been to? 

You 'Google search' for burgers nearby and find 'Bob's Burgers;' however, you want to see a virtual tour of the restaurant to gain insights to if you and your family want to visit the business.

Be found on 'Google search' and provide a virtual tour of your business to help our out-of-town guests.

Email or call 828-367-7570 to schedule your photo-shoot to get found and make an impression on Google search and Google maps.

Craven a float trip in Asheville

The new Craven Street Bridge boat ramp and dock are awaiting the summer months.

Put on your shades and get ready to absorb the upcoming months on the French Broad River in  Asheville, NC.

If your business is located in Asheville, call  828-367-7570 or email today to schedule the 360-degree virtual tour photo-shoot of your business assets and help the tourist find your business.

The Rose Walk at Lake Junaluska

Late winter presents some awesome compositions with spherical photography.  
Although there weren't any roses blossoming, this flat-view of the linked spherical picture gives the appears of a tree ready to bud and provide shade for walkers at Lake Junaluska.

Do you share your non-profit or business internal and/or external assets of your location?

Call Marc today to schedule your Spring Virtual Tour photo-shoot.

A Sphere of Blogging Resources at AB Tech

A sphere of knowledge is easily shared with Google Blogger.
Want to blog as part of your business, hobby, cause marketing?  
Spherical pictures always add to your perspectives!  
Even better for brick & mortar businesses, add a virtual tour to showcase your assets.
Learn more about technology learning opportunities at AB Tech Continuing Education winter 2018 classes; including next week's Google Organization class.

Business Wayfinding Signs and Maps of Navigation

There are many nature trails to explore.  Before you hike, you research and gain an understanding of the trail. 

Businesses and their customers are the same.  Customers will plan their visit by searching and reviewing maps to understand how and where to find a business.  Then, if there is a virtual tour; it reinforces the business journey.

Get your business on the maps and provide a virtual tour.  Contact Marc today at 828-367-7570 or

Beauty Inside of a Church, Business, or Non-Profit

Share the beauty with your parishioners, customers, or clients with a 360-degree image.  
Further, engage them with a virtual tour on Google Maps.
Contact Marc today at to schedule your 360-degree photo shoot and virtual tour.

Visit King Street, Boone NC with a Street View

Plan your Boone, NC visit to King Street visit with Google Maps (and the pegman view to browse Street View images)

The yellow pegman puts the blue circles of locations of Street View images (bottom right of a desktop computer view / Google Street View app on mobile).

When clicked, the small blue circles provide a storefront 360-degree view of the area business.

Do you want a 360-degree virtual tour for your business? 

Contact Marc today at