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Paths of a Boone Greenway

There are many paths in life.  Local community greenways are abundant with many paths and diverse sceneries.  If you visit Boone, NC, be sure to journey the paths at the Boone Greenway, located in the Clawson-Burnley Park.

Thank you to my Appalachian State University daughter for introducing me to this path!

Asheville's Top Google Local Guide

Asheville's Leading Guide Asheville is a top tourist destination.  Being found in Asheville with your business marketing or cause is critical.   Marc Czarnecki - Founder of Web Tech Czar Google Local SEO Does your business need local search engine optimization in Asheville, North Carolina?  Web Tech Marc Czarnecki is a Google:

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Google Business Photo Quantity is Correlated to Search Performance

Let's Asheville's leading Google Local Guide, Trusted Google Photographer, and Official City Partner help your business round your online marketing with regular business photography, posts, and videos.

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Business Signage Photo Posts For The Benefit Of Your Customers

Your physical signage is an important tool for any business.
Do you leverage these physical assets on Google Search and Google Maps?

Your Business's Customers Should Engage Online

Yes, your business's customers should engage online with their virtual tour images.

Do they smell the flowers?  🎕🎕🎕🎕🎕
On Google Maps

Bumble bee sees the buzz with

From the North Asheville Post Office, this bumble bee appears to be happy to stop. is a top Asheville local guide. 


Sink Your Teeth into Social Media

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Curb Appeal on Merrimon Avenue, Asheville

Does your business have a curve appeal?

Claxton Elementary does!

Immerse yourself with the image on Google Maps.  #letsguide

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New Perspective of the Pink Dogwood Flowering Tree

Engage your viewers with new and unique perspectives of your business.

View and engage with this photograph of a pink dogwood tree on Google Maps at UNCA.

#letsguide, #asheville, #dogwood

Naturally Loaving Asheville @New Belgium Brewery

You have to loave Asheville at

360 sphere biz view on Google Maps -

360 sphere biz view on Google Maps -

Do you engage your customers with a 24-7-52 virtual tour of your business?  #letsguide

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Bam... Boo Behind Me

View on Google Maps to engage with a 360-degree photograph @ UNC Asheville.

And... never turn your back on a Mini Maker display!  😊

Past and Promise - Downtown Asheville

Until electricity was introduced in the late 1880s, gas and kerosene lamps provided lighting in Public Square-now Pack Square.  Horse-lined fountains, fed from a reservoir on Beaucatcher Mountain, were affixed to lamposts at the east and west ends of this square.  The bronze fixture, Childhood, represents the promise of Asheville’s future.

Purple Power Picture

Purple flower power the images of your business.

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Spring Your Business

360-Degree - Photography Engagement Does your business have a fresh, new spring image on Google Search and Maps?

Bridge Different Views IntoYour Business

Paths and bridges help your customers navigate to your business.

Prepare your customers for the journey by providing them 360-degree virtual tours through Google Search and Google Maps.

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